Ceo abbreviation funny

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Ceo abbreviation funny

The common understanding of the acronym CEO is Chief Executive Officera weighty sounding title which inspires visions of personal jets and private washrooms.

The daily reality though, for a CEO of a small growing business is very different. There is very little glamour associated with being the CEO of a start-up business. Instead, it's more often than not, the Chief Everything Officer for the company.

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I argue that the acronym for the startup CEO requires a more expansive definition. To achieve that, I've aimed here to capture what other definitions for the role I have found that most CEOs of small companies need to possess. Chief Excitement Officer: As the Chief Excitement Officer of your growing company, your job is to create your corporate vision, both externally and internally, and then to lead your organization around this vision with excitement and passion every day.

Excitement in your company starts with you, and if you do it right, it is then carried forward by others. Excitement by your team for your vision and the goals and measures of this vision should be what gets them out of bed in the morning, what keeps them at their desks past 5pm, and what keeps them loyal to your organization over time and during times of stress.

Being the Chief Excitement Officer of your organization is one of the best things you can do to enhance productivity. If you lack the excitement of your vision, the rest of the organization will float aimlessly like a sailboat on a windless day. Chief Execution Officer: Business Strategist Peter Drucker once wisely said, "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.

It's hard work, it's grinding work, and it will require you to build a team to help you to get it done. Make no mistake, combined with your role as the Chief Excitement Officer, it is the most important role you have in the company.

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One of my favorite quotes from Jack Welsh says it all, "Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. Said another way, it is your job to make sure that the team is recognized for their talents, listened to for their thoughts around your company and your market, and acknowledged for what they need to rise to your challenges.

It is then your job to be the head of removing obstacles in their path so they can get to their greatness. No one else in the company can better influence the path to your team's empowerment. It's your privilege as the head of the company to be the proxy head of personal empowerment, it is also your responsibility to act on this privilege. Chief Excellence Officer: Defining excellence in your company is really about determining goals and objectives across the company and leading the process versus owning the process.

Where the result is that very executive, manager, rank-and-file employee knows what "excellence" looks like for them and how their goals and objectives roll up to the greater set of what defines the company. This is what being the Chief Excellence Officer means. As motivational speaker, Tony Robbins once said " Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

As the Chief Excellence Officer of your company, you are the leader of the goal-setting process. Everyone will take their excellence achieving focus from you. Chief Excruciating Officer: There will be times in all businesses where pain needs to be felt. For startups, it is often due to missed targets, missed deadlines for releases, or failed product launches.

ceo abbreviation funny

The results of these challenges are often painful decisions like: cutting back on expenses, cutting back on people, or asking staff to work harder and longer to meet a release deadline. As the Chief Excruciating Officer of your company, it is your job to share the pain of the company in a way that is obvious to everyone. If your development team is working evenings and weekends to meet a deadline and you are running off to your tennis game at 4pm or posting vacation pictures on Facebook, it won't be long before they are polishing up their resumes.Building Acronyms is another one of my favorite pastimes.

I like to create funny acronyms however just for fun, obviously. The list below is populated by 'reverse acronyms'I call them. They are fun to think about and build, because we start with the acronym by supposing that each word IS the acronym and we try to bring out a meaning of some sort, Thesaurus style - sometimes funny and often far-fetched. Actually the 'reverse acronym' is not a meaning but rather an 'association', a group of words that may make you think of the word.

The ' association ' is important because it would not be interesting at all just to say that BEE stands for "Book Editing Exercise", for example.

The Initials 'CEO' Now Have A Whole New Meaning

I keep adding new ones here from time to time putting the most recent at the bottom of the list. I also encourage you, gentle readers to add your own acronyms in 'Comments' below. The acronym is an 'invented' word that anyone can make up.

It helps us to remember something or a series of things. For example a student needs to remember the important points for an essay called "My Holiday Abroad" that he is preparing for an exam. The second paragraph the a rrival, the airport, the hotel. Then comes a description of the city where they are staying, R ome for example. The t hings that they saw and did, the restaurant where they had an excellent meal, etc.

N o A ttire K eep E yes D iverted. B osom R egulating A ccessory. G od's O wn Z one O bviously.

Funny Acronyms - That Make Sense

O nly A vailable Stream I n Sahara. G enerally I magined A ctually N on-existent T itan. The trip takes about 25 minutes. S tall, T urn O ff P ropulsion. P roven U nbeatable M odern A pparel.

S aying I t N ightin G ale S tyle. Addictive Internet Disruptive Syndrome What our youngsters are experiencing nowadays. Another Game with words. Spell the word incorrectly to give it a funny meaning.

Minister: Ministare a politician who interacts with his constituents by lengthy eye-contact. Restaurant: Restorrant. Eating place where you are either satisfied with the food and service you get or where you finish up frustrated and angry. They are not so difficult to think of. I will add more from time to time.

If you know one leave it in Comments and I will be happy to add it here. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

100 Funny Accounting Team Names

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I do not know how I did not see your comment before. I often check for comments. I'm glad that you liked Gozo, that's where I have always lived, apart from a short holiday abroad now and then.

The buses today are very punctual and efficient, if fact we are a little proud of the service nowadays. I agree that the drivers here sometimes act in a crazy manner. Perhaps it is the heat of summer that goes to their heads.Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? Our cover story on Textron's Lewis Campbell illustrates why and how CEOs need to reinvent themselves if they hope to transform their organizations. Time for a new trope. For instance, while acknowledging that CEOs rely on mass forms of communicating with employees, such as town hall meetings, site visits, voice mail, blogs and the like, they brush them aside as too "formal and public," and incapable of fostering trust with larger audiences.

Funny Acronyms

It does matter. View from the top--health care CEOs share insights for and beyond. This is almost the tail end of a generational shift," with the exit of what some have called imperial CEOsmen like Walt Disney Co. Leadership: Greenberg exit puts boards in spotlight. George Jeffrey Records, Jr. The CLTC power and influence top In cases involving management fraud, the CEO typically directs underlings to do the dirty work.

They were the executives most often mentioned in the CEO poll, perhaps because Latin America's pool of tech wizards is like that of the United States: small but select. Acronyms browser?

Full browser?Whether you have to be in an accounting team for school or at your work, you might want to find funny accounting team names. A name gives your team a sense of identity and a way to refer to the group.

Congress Was Confused by the Internet During Hearing With Google CEO - NowThis

You can use this list to inspire your own funny accounting team names or just use the names as they are written. Tax Terrorists: This funny account team name gets bonus points for the alliteration. Penny Patrol: This is another option that is great because of the alliteration.

Bunch of Counts: Be careful because if you say this pun too quickly, it definitely sounds like a less-than-PG phrase. The Cash Cows: This one sounds cute and is easy to remember because of the alliteration. The Enemy: For some of your clients, you may feel like the enemy from time to time. Life in the Math Lane: Some people live their lives in the fast lane. You live your life in the math lane. Sums of Anarchy: This is a play on the popular television show, Sons of Anarchy.

Three Balance Sheets to the Wind: After your work day is done, this phrase will become even more accurate. Effective Low Lives: This is probably my least favorite team name on this list. Tax-manian Devils: This is an adorable option and would be even better if you want to make a mascot for your team.

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Dabblers in Double Entry: The double meaning in this one might not be something that you want to suggest. Kicking Assets and Taking Names: This one sounds like a good option for a talented, self-confident team. Control Cops: This is another team name that gets bonus points for alliteration.

Box Tickers: This is an easy choice, but there are more amusing options on this list. Recovering Accountaholic: This sounds like a good team name after tax season ends. Process Peddlers: The alliteration makes this team name easier to remember. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.At one time in our no-so-distant past the term 'CEO', meaning 'Chief Executive Officer', was invented to replace the perfectly good word 'President' as the title for the person heading up a company or corporation.

For some reason, some bureaucratic gerbils somewhere decided that acronyms were better than names for describing institutions, treaties, corporations and other entities of importance because it made them sound cooler and more authoritative. Unfortunately it also made them harder to remember and a person today has to carry around a special dictionary of everyday acronyms to even understand what a person is saying. When he got there what did he see? The youth of America on LSD! You can see why it didn't make it to the top The financial upheavals of the last decade have exposed CEO's as tending to be a Caesar-like bunch of extremely greedy, unpatriotic selfish hogs who have no social conscience and no limits as to their self-indulgence even at the expense of the very companies they are running.

ceo abbreviation funny

It is apparent that the meaning of the term for 'Chief Executive Officer' must be altered to reflect the changing times. Below are a number of possibilities for the new meaning of 'CEO':. There are also many other, more colorful and obscene yet accurately descriptive words that we cannot print here.

The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious. Do you dream of being a comedy news writer? Click here to be a writer! We use cookies to give you the best experience, this includes cookies from third party websites and advertisers.

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Find out more.Top definition. CEO unknown. What your known for. Your a ceo of being tik tok famous. The CEO just took away all of our K funds! Can't Eat Out. Can't Even Operate. Career Ending Opportunity. Caribbean Elephants Organization. Catch Every Obstacle.

Catholic Education Office. Caustic Ego Online. Central Economics Office. Central Elite Operations.

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Ceremonial Events Officer. Certified Egoistic Organizer. Championship Event Organizer. Cheap Entertaining Opponent. Cheese Eating Official. Chief Eating Officer. Chief Elf of Operations. Chief Embezzling Offender. Chief Emotional Officer. Chief Ethics Officer. Chief Evangelist Officer. Chief Evangelistic Officer. Chief Executioner Omnipotent. Chief Executive Officer. Chiropractic Elite Organization. Christmas and Easter Only. Citrus Entity Overlord.

Clown Executive Officer. Cock Eyed Optimist.

ceo abbreviation funny

Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization. Company Entertainer Octopus.Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive?

Minister Makgato commends CTO employees compassion.

ceo abbreviation funny

Under the theme 'Keeping the Right Balance: Tourism Development in an Era of Diversification,' CTO said industry experts participating in STC will address the urgent need for a 'transformational, disruptive, and regenerative tourism product to meet ever-rising challenges. If it's more than Today's Innovation Leaders: In a changing environment, innovation leaders need a wide range of skills to succeed and take varied paths to the role.

The CTO said that main procession routes, including College Chowk, Fowara Chowk, Raja Bazaar and others would be barricaded and no vehicular traffic would be allowed to go ahead of these locations. Traffic plan devised for Youm-e-Ashur. In conjunction with the success, the company will be work closely with physicians to provide education to support minimally invasive treatments for patients with CTO 's.

They reported that the antegrade and retrograde microcatheters were aligned in the same guiding catheter, and the antegrade guidewire advanced into the retrograde microcatheter and reached the distal CTO lumen. MPs not minister the target of tourism board's ire. The challenge is, not every company has the type of budget to hire a CTO or for that matter even the need of a full time CTO. Acronyms browser? Full browser? Community Treatment Order psychiatric term for forced drugging outside hospital context.


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